:Asian society of hypnosis presents

An Online Workshop

Healing by Dreams, Therapeutic Use of Dreams in Hypnosis

Giuseppe De Benedittis is associate professor of Neurosurgery and former Director of the Interdepartmental Pain Center at the University of Milano, Italy.
He is also Vice-President of the Italian Society of Hypnosis, member of the Board of the ISH and Chairman of the Scientific Research Committee.
His main areas of interest include chronic pain, neurophysiological correlates of hypnosis and hypnoanalgesia.
Prof. De Benedittis has been a key-note speaker papers and conducted workshops at national and international congresses in Germany, Netherlands, Turkey, Iran, Singapore, Mexico, Canada, USA and China on various hypnotic topics.

July 2nd, 2021
8:30 am Vancouver
11:30 am Toronto
Tehran: 8 pm

Asian society of hypnosis presents: “Therapeutic use of dreams in hypnosis “ by Dr Giuseppe de Benedittis, associate professor of Neurosurgery from Italy 🇮🇹 July 2, 2021, 8-11 pm ( Tehran time ) on Zoom

Asian society of hypnosis presents: An Online Lecture Hypnosis, Yoga, Body, and Breathwork With Dr. Woltemade Hartman Ph.D. in psychology ISH Educational committee Wednesday March 3rd, 2021 7:00 pm (Tehran time) 7:30 am (Vancouver Time) Registration: https://www.barakaocc.ca/bookings-checkout/hypnosis-yoga-body-and-breath-work?referral=service_list_widget Contact: Elham Zolfagharinia M.A., RCC (BCACC) Registered Clinical Counselor +1 (778) 320-5782 t.me/Elham11z


The session of Asian society of hypnosis started with Dr Gary Bruno Schmid entitled “ Quantum and hypnosis “ , 142 participants


Online workshop on hypnosis, by me in Asian hypnosis society educational meeting, 322 participants


The Asian society of hypnosis educational meeting started with me just introducing Claudia and now Claudia is speaking, 107 participants joined and others more are joining , title: how to manage dysfunctional emotions.



Asian society of hypnosis educational meeting is going on entitled “ out of body experience “ by Dr Enrico Facco, 194 participants


Another important accomplishment in the Asian hypnosis congress was the
creation of an “International Flag of Hypnosis”. It was designed in Iran by Dr
Mehdi Fathi with input and feedback from other countries and colleagues in the
field from all over the world. The result of this common endeavor was were
several components: A lovely soft, silk tissue mainly white colored as a symbol
of PURITY, an important goal of treatment where science and hypnosis come
together in a joint venture. A GLOBE to show it is worldwide, encompass-ing
the whole globe without borders, inclusive for every country, society, university
and telling that all of them can use it. The Eyes, not as mislead-ing
representation of fixation induction but to emphasize the VISION or the way
we perceive the world. The BLUE colour represents CALMNESS and the
GREEN represents GROWTH and highlighting the green means to highlight
DYNAMISM the main goal of hypnosis.
The Flag for the Asian Society of Hypnosis, is different and also has some
yellow in it to represent the sunrise and the colour of Asia. All lectures of the
congress program were in the morning in a beautiful large congress hall.